• Decopatch Paper Mix 3-pack

Decopatch Paper Mix 3-pack

Our Decopatch paper comes as a 3-pack of mixed prints - each one is a unique combination! Tell us your favorite color in the notes at check-out, and we'll pick a set of papers you're sure to love.


Decopatch™ is a fun way to revamp just about anything. The durable, thin paper is printed with bright colorfast prints and images that can change dull and plain to beautiful - fast! Decopatch looks amazing on cardboard, metal, papier mache, wood, plastic, glass! In fact, we haven't found anything it doesn't work on! It's so simple to do and gets fab results every time.


What’s so special about Decopatch™ papers?

100% colorfast when wet

Very thin and designed for decoupage, they resist tearing when wet and cover surfaces easily

Patterns are designed to look great when torn and overlapped

Colors are fade-resistant (but should not be stored in very bright sunlight)

To Decopatch™ you’ll need:
Decopatch™ paper, torn to small pieces (around the size of a quarter or silver dollar) A brush
A small jar of water
An object to decorate
Decopatch™ glue or varnish