• Decopatch Brush

Decopatch Brush

  • $1.00

This 7" hog hair brush is specifically designed for use with Decopatch Papers and Decopatch Varnish. It is stiff enough to smooth out air bubbles but soft enough to not rip the Decopatch paper! Ideal for your paper collage project, and for adding a waterproof sealing layer of Decopatch varnish.

Decopatch™ is a fun way to revamp just about anything. The durable, thin paper is printed with bright colorfast prints and images that can change dull and plain to beautiful - fast!

To Decopatch™ you’ll need:
Decopatch™ paper, torn to small pieces (around the size of a quarter or silver dollar) A brush
A small jar of water
An object to decorate
Decopatch™ glue or varnish