In-Store Daily Specials

The Daily Special is our drop-in-and-craft program. Each week we offer a selection of quick and easy craft projects that you can complete on your lunch break, after work, or whenever you need a creative break!

Craft offerings will rotate weekly, and will include projects in jewelry-making, fabric or fibers, and paper-craft. Occasionally we'll toss in a seasonal decor craft, or a complete surprise.

The best way to hear about upcoming Daily Specials is to join our mailing list.

Check out a selection of our projects -  

 Vintage Brass and Chain Earrings Rose Gold & Fire Polish Necklace
Rose Gold and Fire Polish Necklace
Mixed Beads Pendant Necklace Sewn Paper Banners
Sewn Paper Banners
Intro to Embroidery Sampler Letter Punch Necklace
Letter Punch Necklace
Textured Wall Hanging Sewn Greeting Cards
Sewn Greeting Cards
Origami Gift Box Pom Pom Garland
Pom Pom Garland
And... BUTTONS! This gadget makes 1 1/4" pin-back badges, and it is oddly addictive. We've got plenty of scrap paper, magazines, and other supplies for you to make these tiny collages to share with all your friends.
Seriously, the arrival of the button maker fulfiled a dream I've been holding onto for at least 15 years. Come try it out & learn how surprisingly addictive these little suckers are.