• Arm Candy Kits

Arm Candy Kits

  • $8.00

Our Arm Candy Kits come with a variety of glass & metal beads, and 4 feet of our high-quality stretch cord. Make a wrist-full of bracelets for yourself, or share the project with a friend! These kits include very small beads, and are appropriate for ages 7+.

To make these bracelets, just string on beads to the correct length for your wrist, then knot the cord and cut off the excess. We recommend coating the knot in either GS Hypo Cement or clear nail polish to hold it tight.

Looking for a child-friendly jewelry project? Check out our Toddler Beading Kits! These include larger beads that are easier to grip, and fabric-covered elastic. These can be made into bracelets or a necklace by a young child. Please always use supervision with small children & beads!