3D Printed Tiny Hoop Kits

Jewelry-sized 3D Printed Embroidery Hoops from Stars & Sunshine! These hoops are approximately 1.5" in diameter, with the inner opening measuring 1.2" in diameter. Hoops come with 3 plastic parts - the outer scalloped ring, an inner disc to wrap fabric around, and a backing piece to create a finished look. We have included a 24" nickel-plated ball chain and a glue-on pin back with your hoop kit, as well as a small tube of E-600 (a plastics-safe contact cement) to attach all the parts.

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✄ Hoops are printed with a type of plastic called PLA. It is made from natural products like sugar and corn and is biodegradable.
✄ PLA can deform at temperatures around 120 F, so please do not leave in hot cars!

See a video tutorial for assembling these hoops here: https://youtu.be/OHWmz90zrz4