• Mask Maker Gift Card

Mask Maker Gift Card

  • $10.00

$30 buys one bulk roll of elastic, enough to make 1000 masks.

As you may have heard, hospitals and other healthcare organizations are now asking for hand-made face masks, as a last resort due to the lack of available supplies. At Craft Habit, we are lucky to know a number of professional makers who are stepping up to crank out as many of these masks as possible. We want to support those makers by helping offset the cost of materials for the masks - including elastic, fabric, and shipping costs.

You can help by buying a Mask Maker Gift Card. All the money from these gift cards will be used to buy & ship supplies to the professional makers in our network. If for some reason this project shuts down due to a national quarantine, or an increase in mass manufacturing, all donors will be offered a choice of a complete refund, or to let Craft Habit send their donation to a local charity providing relief for people affected by all aspects of the coronavirus crisis.

Please Note: We are NOT organizing people to sew for this project. The need for quality control is literally vital, so we are choosing to direct our efforts to supporting those who already have the experience and infrastructure to mass-produce items according to strict parameters.