Why We Love - Week's Dye Works

Here at Craft Habit we work to find you the very best in crafting supplies and tools. It's not always easy - we test a lot of items that never make it onto our sales floor - but it is fun. Every once in a while, we find an item that we love for many reasons. The richly dyed flosses from Week's Dye Works are one of those items. 

The flosses are the work of NCSU-grad and Willow Springs-native Miranda Weeks McGahey. She mixes an artistic eye for color with a chemist's precision to create the luscious gradient-dyed flosses that make our kits and class projects so luminious. The company dyes fabrics and fibers of all kinds in their 8200 sq. foot facility in Garner. They often average several 13,000 yard baths a day when dying yardage and fibers of all kinds! While we'd love her flosses matter where she was making them, the fact that these colors rise out of the dye vats her staff oversee right here the Triangle make us extra happy. 

weeks dye works hand dyed embroidery floss at craft habit raleigh

Next time you are in the shop, check out our wall of Week's Dye Works floss, or look at one of our kit samples. These hand overdyed fibers, with their subtle variations and rich tonality, make all your embroidery, macrame and fiber projects look just that much better. 

north carolina themed holiday mini embroidery kits with weeks dye works flosses

sweater weather embroidery kit with weeks dye works flosses raleigh north carolina