Why We Love - Paper Bead Rollers (video!)

paper bead rollers handmade in NC Craft Habit Raleigh

Here at Craft Habit Raleigh we love handmade and crafty fun, but we also love crafts that use items that would otherwise be thrown away. These locally-made paper bead rollers are all that! 

Created by Kelly Phillips, these wooden-handled rollers help you turn mazazines, wrapping paper, junk mail and more into beautiful paper beads. Whether you glaze them or leave them unglazed, the beads are lovely strung for jewelry, decorations and more. This is a wonderful busy-hands craft for a mixed-age group. Simply get a few rollers, scissors and a stack of old magazines and everyone can sit around creating beads for hours. It's addictive and fun!

Kelly created the roller after trying to make her own paper beads and realizing the activity hurt her arthritic hands. She created the rollers to be easy to hold and easy to use and she got it right! The grooved handles are comfortable and the metal roller makes it a smooth process to create a tightly rolled paper bead. Long strands of these beads can be strung with ribbon or cord for holiday decor, or you can glaze them for use in jewelry. Watch a how-to video right here

Made right here in North Carolina, these paper bead rollers are one of the tools we love here at Craft Habit Raleigh! 

paper bead roller creator Kelly Phillips how to Craft Habit Raleigh

see an interview with Kelly right here