Why Mend So It Shows? What's Visible Mending All About?

Amanda McLaurin mending class at Craft Habit Raleigh

We are big fans of reusing and mending well-loved items here at Craft Habit. A favorite shirt shouldn't be hidden away just because it met your favorite merlot one too many times. 

Visible mending is the process of adding to a garment to repair or cover a flaw in such a way that you enhance and cover the imperfection. The artist Amanda McLaurin is a master at the embellish/mend/decorate skill set and we are excited to host her for a workshop in early May. 

artist Amanda McLaurin

Her Visible Mending Workshop will show you how to get the most out of all your favorite garments. You’ll learn embroidery and Japanese boro stitching techniques to mend, reinforce, and add visual impact to your existing wardrobe. This includes basic hand-sewing techniques, how to create stitch patterns, and how to properly and beautifully reinforce clothing.

Learn more about the workshop here

See Amanda's full website here

visible mending on jean jacket by artist Amanda McLaurin class at Craft Habit Raleigh