This Week's Newsletter: is January already stressing you out?

from this week's newsletter-

Did you miss your step goal for the 9th day in a row? is your dry January a little too wet? have you already snoozed your way through a few too many barre classes to ever show your face?
Yeah, we get it. We've missed a goal or two ourselves. January is weighed down with so many 'fresh start' feelings, but in the end it's just a month, right? That's why we like to make -mostly-  craft-related resolutions. Yarn does not judge. Your glue gun has no calories. A beading project won't give you the side-eye if you pick it back up after a week or six months. There's even a school of thought that knitting or any craft is a great way to practice meditation (see that link below) 

Do you know a 7-13 year old who loves crafts? 

Our Youth Craft Sampler classes are a mix of crafts for elementary-aged students. They are a fun way for children to try out a few crafts in one day. This month's class features macrame and weaving projects. So bring your own child or borrow one from a grateful friend! Discount for multi-child registration. Get all the details here. 

Stress Reduction via crafts-
We really love this article from Apartment Therapy about how knitting is a perfect form of meditation and great for stress reduction. We think that can apply to any form of craft that has a repetitive nature, like Needle Felting, or Punch Needle work, or even Paper Flower making with it's petal cutting and stem wrapping. 

check out these classes: 

Charlie Caftan Sew-a-Long 2/1 and 2/8 details here
Crepe Paper Flowers 2/12  details here
Youth Intro to Beaded Jewelry 2/16 details here
Whole Cloth Mini Quilt (beginner) 2/16 details here
Intro To Needle Felting 2/22 details here
Macrame Jewelry 3/10 details here
Stacked Silver Rings (beginner) 3/15 details here
see our full class calendar here

We open at 1:00 today, see you soon!

Taylor and Sarah and everyone at Craft Habit


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