Summer Classes & A Survey

We've just added a bunch of classes for May, June, and July, thanks to our lovely friends around Raleigh who have opened their doors to host us! I'm going to rename this business Craft Rabbit to reflect all the hopping around we'll be doing in the next few months.

As much as we roll our eyes when talking about the extended timeline of our new store, getting to teach these classes around town is more than just a silver lining. There is so much to learn from each bad-ass boss lady we've collaborated with, and I am absorbing every little bit I can. Working with other stores has also extended our network far beyond what we could do ourselves - Hello new friends!

Make Friends Embroidery

Make sure you send your love and support (aka likes and dollars) to our pals at Edge of Urge, Galatea, Artspace, NoFo, and Pop Up Raleigh. We've got more class scheming in the works, and hopefully more events to announce soon!

Speaking of planning classes - WE NEED YOUR INPUT! Please take this short survey to help us figure out which classes are a priority, and what days and times work best for scheduling. If you are interested in classes for children or youth, please please take some time to fill out the survey and let us know when classes will work for you. 

Craft Habit Class Survey


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