Mask Maker Project & Mask Kits for sewing at home

Face Mask Project Update 4/4/2020

We want to send an enormous virtual hug to everyone that has supported the Mask Maker Project in these last 2 years - whooops, I meant 2 weeks!!!

In just 2 weeks, you helped raise over $5000, which funded the purchase of 18,000 yards of elastic for masks, 2000 buttons to make button headbands, and a month's worth of materials for 3D printing filtered masks.

Our dedicated professional sewing shops are well on the way to meeting the goal of 20,000 masks for local hospitals. Our community of makers have scooped up over 150 mask-making kits to sew at home. With 25 masks per kit, that's over 4000 masks! 

We have wrapped up the fundraiser, and have one final round of mask kits to distribute. You can get them online at and, for just the cost of shipping.

The remaining money from our fundraiser is being donated to the American Sewing Guild- Raleigh chapter. This is a non-profit organization that brings sewists together socially, and for community projects. ASG-Raleigh organizes Sewing Acts of Kindness, a series of sewing events aimed at making and donating items of need to the community. This seemed like the perfect fit :)

Again, thank you thank you thank you! Hang in there, everybody. <3


Face Mask Project Update 3/24/2020

This community is amazing. Since this fundraiser was created & announced on Saturday evening, we have raise over $3000 in donations, in just over 48 hours!
We are moving fast, too, and have already been able to purchase the elastic needed to sew up to 20,000 masks. Yes, twenty thousand. These masks have been pledged to UNC Hospitals and other local hospitals, and will be produced & delivered over the course of the next few weeks.

On top of that, we have extra materials and elastic now to send out into the community. Haus Page has created kits of materials that are pre-cut, and ready to be sewn into masks. Each kit has supplies for 25 masks, as well as sewing instructions, and a mailer for sending the finished masks to the healthcare organization of your choice. These kits are available for FREE, and can be picked up at Craft Habit this week during our curbside pick-up hours. We will have the first batch available to pick up on Tuesday, March 24th, between 11am and 3pm. Call ahead, 984-200-4530. We have limited supply at the moment, but will have more kits available later on in the week. UPDATE: We are out of mask kits today, March 24th. Our partners HausPage are working to produce more for Craft Habit to distribute. We expect to have more available by next week, Tuesday March 31st. Please follow our social media accounts and join our newsletter for the latest updates on availability. 

If you are making masks and don't know where to send them, please go to This is a site created & run by the American Sewing Guild. They are doing the work to connect healthcare facilities in need of masks with volunteers to sew. Follow the link Locations Needing Masks and scroll down to NC. They are updating the growing list as fast as they can. 

We are still collecting donations via purchase of the Mask Maker Gift Cards. All funds collected will be used to keep making masks, and support other groups in the community that are producing PPE for healthcare workers.

stay well & keep helping,

Sarah and Taylor