Learn to sew with beginner sewing classes in Raleigh

Do you have resolutions to be more intentional in your purchases? do you want to give up a fast-fashion fix or those cheap home-decor items that you end up tossing in just months? Sewing is waiting for you. If you want to put your crafting and making urges to work in a useful way, you can't do better than sewing. Look around you now - so many things in our homes and workplaces are made of fabric and the mysterious act of machine sewing a garment you can wear - or a quilt to keep you warm - is one you can learn. Many of the trendiest items you see in fast-fashion stores are simple to sew, and your own labor is always fair. 

Our winter class assortment is heavy on sewing classes, from basic never-threaded-a-needle to ready-to-make-clothing level options. Check them out below or visit our class listing page to see dates and times

basic cross back apron sewing class in raleigh north carolina

adult beginner sewing classes in raleigh north carolina

how to make a basic skirt sewing class in raleigh north carolina


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