Introducing: Independent Pattern Designers

Sewing and home crafting have always had a steady following, but the past few decades have seen major growth in designers turning their craft into a business, and creating companies to release their own clothing patterns to the world at large. Small business ladies (well, mostly ladies) - HELL YEAH!

Some indie designers create patterns in a very specific theme, like Blueprints for Sewing. Each pattern in the Blueprints line is inspired by iconic architecture, like this latest release, the Geodesic Sweatshirt. We can't wait to play with colors while putting together a sample of this one for fall!

Geodesic Sweatshirt

Other designers focus on building a line of classic basics, like Grainline Studios. Grainline includes detailed, illustrated instruction guides to walk you through each step, helping you make a professional finished garment. 

Grainline Sketchbook

Another advantage that Blueprints for Sewing, Grainline Studio, and many other independent pattern companies offer is continued support online. You can find blog posts and tutorials about variations on patterns - ways to alter sleeves, turn a shirt into a dress, even hack two patterns together to make something completely new! These variations and discussions are often spearheaded by the designers themselves, and there are also active communities of sewists sharing their own twists on favorite patterns. What I like about this is that once you find a pattern that has the proportions, fit, and style you love, you're going to want to make 10 versions of it. Independent designers GET that, and they want to help you make your perfect wardrobe, too!

As we creep ever closer to getting Craft Habit: The Actual Store up and running, we are making decisions about which indie pattern lines to carry when we open. Eventually I want to stock ALL OF THEM, but apparently we have a budget and we have to use some of that money to build shelves and walls and stuff. As you can see, we've got Blueprints for Sewing and Grainline already available in our online shop! You don't even have to wait for us to open, you can order patterns right now! We will add more pattern lines to our online shop as we get them in.

Want a preview of the companies we're looking at? Check out our Indie Pattern Designers Pinterest board.

psssssst: if I could stop time and just sew for a week straight without missing any deadlines, here are a few things I would make...

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