I'm not shy, I'm a craftrovert

Do you like your social situations to have a clear start time, a point of focus, and a facilitator to guide you through? Hurray, you're an introvert! (And/or an only child.) That doesn't mean you have to stay home and make crafts by yourself all the time - come take a class at Craft Habit!
     Our January and February schedule is full of excellent beginner and introductory courses. Learn something new, refresh your skills, or just come to hang out and impress us all with your crafting prowess (now I'm talking to the extroverts).
     Want to craft with your kids? Check out our new series, Craft With Me! Looking for something to do between school and dinner? We've got After School Specials! We've got a whole new curriculum of Youth Classes, developed by special request. We're also trying something for the year-round-school kids - morning Mini Camps.


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