Have Crafts, Will Travel

This has been the summer of mobile crafts! Thanks to the extremely supportive small business community in Raleigh, we've been able to offer classes all over town while our permanent retail space is in renovation. It's been a challenge to think up a variety of crafts that are truly portable, but we're pretty proud  of what we've been able to offer. One takeaway so far - it takes surprisingly little time to get accustomed to the noises of a sewing machine, a toaster oven, an oversized embroidery hoop, and two dozen mismatched glass jars rattling around the back of the car.

In March we partnered with NoFo @ The Pig to offer our first family-inclusive crafting class. Parents, kids, and friends joined us to learn Intro to Embroidery, and made some adorable rainbow samplers.

Family Embroidery Class

In April we held a fundraiser stitch-in for The Beehive Collective, hosted by Edge of Urge. We also added some excellent 3D-printed embroidery hoops to our online store, available in 3 sizes, and made in the USA!

In May we headed to Durham for the Geek Craft Expo, and spent an afternoon making superhero buttons and stickers with enthusiastic crafters of all ages.

Geek Craft Expo

May was BUSY! We also offered the first of two Creative Mending events at Galatea Boutique, began the Artists Embroidery Series with Edge of Urge, featuring designs by David Eichenberger, and managed to squeeze in a night of SHRINKY DINKS!!!

Creative Mending

Shrinky Dinks

In June we took a tiny break and attended a class for once. We learned to make macrame plant hangers with Kathryn Zeringue at The Zen Succulent in downtown Durham, and it was a blast! They also fed us pie :) :p

Then it was back to teaching - June classes included building Succulent Terrariums at Artspace, and stitching Monogrammed Bandannas at Raleigh Vintage. We found time for another round of Creative Mending at Galatea, as well as Hand Mending and Getting to Know Your Sewing Machine at Edge of Urge.

Here we are now in July - so far we've had another successful round of Embroidery & Mimosas, taught a magical glass-etching class, and hand-stitched coiled-rope bowls, all at Edge of Urge. We're working with some new partners to offer more classes throughout July & August! Check out our class calendar page for the latest listings. Join us for a class, and maybe your picture will make it into our next blog update :)


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