Hello, Potential

Destruction is progress! Goodbye walls, carpet, and lingering scent of cigarette smoke...

and Hello Potential :)

     We are super excited to see the demolition get under way on our space in Gateway Plaza, and we are busy with plans for how to build it up again. Want to see some of our inspiration? Check out our latest Pinterest board, Craft Habit HQ Wishlist*. Disco-ball drop ceilings? Check ✔️. Floor to ceiling fabric bolts? Yup! Bright & cheery workstations? You betcha.

*Be advised, like all dream-house projects, absolutely NO budget considerations have gone into the construction of this Pinterest board.

In the meantime, here's a little more info about our new spot.
Food Bank ECNC
Just south of Gateway Plaza is the new home of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. This organization does amazing work, and I hope we'll be able to partner with them in the near future. They've done a beautiful job of renovating the space that formerly held the indoor flea market mall on Capital Blvd. I can't wait until our parking lot looks that shiny & new!

Gateway Plaza Roof

Up on our roof you can see some paint swatches the owners are considering for the shopping center makeover. I'm partial to the green - I like the way it matches the spring green of all those gorgeous trees right now. See that red sign that says Bidrite? Imagine that gone, and a nice, classy Craft Habit logo perched on the roof instead. SOON!

Crabtree Blvd Closure
Hey, look at how those orange cones just POP with that blue sky! So lovely. Crabtree Blvd is closed right in front of Gateway Plaza for the next few months, as they replace storm water culverts under the road. This project is scheduled to finish in June, so fingers crossed they clear the road in time for our grand opening (tbd). FYI, you can get to Gateway Plaza from Raleigh Blvd during construction, if you want to come peep in the windows and see what's going on!

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