Have You Tried Glass Etching? Learn to etch glass with beginner classes!

how to etch glass classes in raleigh, wake forest, apex, durham

We're always excited when a Handcrafted Night Out rolls around for us. If you don't already know, HNO is our roving craft party. We take a fun crafting project to your favorite local brewery, wine bar, pizza joint or other fun location. These adult-only nights out are a fun way to relax and connect with friends. You'll laugh, talk and end up making something wonderful. 

One of the most popular crafts in the history of HNO events is String Art. This is insanely fun, very LOUD (all that nail pounding!) and super satisfying. Everyone goes through the same three phases:

1. Loud hammering/I have no idea what I am doing

2. This is a mess, I screwed it up

3. WHOA! This looks AWESOME! 

String art has been so popular, we thought it would never have any challengers. Other crafts were fun, but the mix of loud pounding and the emotional high of going from messed up->AWESOME is hard to beat. Then we tried glass etching. OH MY GOSH! it's got a similar curve, except there is no loud hammering. You start out confused but doing it anyway, progress to 'yep, this is ruined' and end up thinking I AM THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD LOOK AT THE GLASS I JUST MADE!

So, if you want to experience the emotional rolllercoaster of glass etching, check out one of our next Handcrafted Night Out events. Here's the link to the full page with all the upcoming dates and events in Raleigh, Apex, Durham, Wake Forest and Cary. You can learn to etch glass and have a great time doing it. 

Want to do this at home or want to do it with your older elementary-aged or teen kiddos? We sell kits that make it super easy. Check out our kits for glass etching at home right here


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