Find out about our new jewelry findings-

fold over gold clamps for fabric or leather earrings

We have some jewelry findings* that require a bit of an explanation - the first are these clamp-style gold findings that let you make fringed earrings (like these that we made with metallic felt) or attach long strands or tassels. We like figuring out how to use them and will probably create a few more samples. The purple metallic ones are in the shop if you want to see them in person. 

tiny gold frames for fiber or wire weaving for earrings, necklaces and jewelry

The next are these frames. We haven't made a sample yet, but they are tiny weaving frames that can be worked with thread, wire or any small-gauge fiber. These are gold, but the picture does not properly show their color. We'll make a sample up with these soon and pop it on the instagram. 

*Jewelry FINDINGS? Yes, that's the correct term for all the parts that make up jewelry. If you can buy it already made - like a clasp or headpin or these bits shown - the proper term is a 'finding.' The more you know...


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