Crafty Trend We Love: Pom-Pom Wreaths

We can't resist a good holiday wreath here at Craft Habit. We love a beautiful, traditional live wreath (like these gorgeous Magnolia Wreaths from Weston Farms) and we really love a crafty wreath that uses all our favorite colors and shapes.

This is the year of the Pom-Pom wreath, according to holiday trendsetters like Anthropologie and Nordstroms. Check out their two top-selling wreaths this year:

And if the $$$$ prices on those sweet wreaths are making you hyperventillate, stop by and check out our pom-pom makers and kits to create your own. A few hours spent making some pom-poms (perfect for doing while watching your favorite holiday movie) and you'll have your own wreath, in your own favorite color combination.

Our Yarn Wreath class, first offered on October 16th (but there will be more dates, soon!) will cover the basics of making your own Pom Wreath. 

And because we just can't resist them, here's a shot of one of the most luscious wreaths ever from Weston Farms-

Weston Farms Classic Parris Wreath, an NC-made magnolia wreath




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