We had a blast at the NY Now trade show in August! We waded through three floors of wall-to-wall booths, and found some vendors and products that we are really excited to introduce to you.

This trade show covers everything from gifts and accessories to housewares and furniture. True to our crafty spirit, we sought out makers doing unique work, and we found awesome DIY Kits and cool crafty gadgets.

Check out some of our favorite finds!

Dumye - Dolls with a Purpose

This company makes beautiful cloth dolls, and for each doll sold, another is donated to a child in need. They also offer a fantastic DIY Doll Kit, perfect for creating a custom doll for yourself or as a gift. Sahar Wahbeh, the founder of Dumye, told us that she travels the world and works with orphan and refugee children, helping them make their own dolls. We are super excited to start carrying these kits, and offer custom Dumye doll making classes!

Dumye DIY doll samplesDumye Doll Kit

Brand New Noise - Handcrafted Sound Gadgets

We've been really excited to see technology, circuitry, and electronics intersect with crafts, especially in ways that are child-accessible. Brand New Noise will soon offer a DIY kit version of their adorable and innovative voice recorder and playback boxes. We played in this booth for a looooong time :)

brand new noise booth at NY Nowbowie sound box

Eat, Sleep, Doodle

This UK based company makes a whole line of housewares and accessories that can be drawn on with their marker set, then machine washed clean, ready for a new masterpiece. We'll be carrying their Doodle Backpacks and Placemat-to-Go set in store, and at our Hopscotch booth. These are perfect for coloring enthusiasts and fidgety kids of all ages!

doodle backpackdoodle placemat

Lucky Fish

We had an excellent conversation with Lucky Fish designer and founder Jann Cheifitz. She's just begun adding DIY kits to her line, to use in embellishing her brightly colored and metallic screen printed goods. Her products are all about imagination, and we bonded over the joy of making something your own with special touches. Having personal conversations like this with designers and vendors was the best part of the trade show. We may have some Lucky Fish for Craft Habit exclusive kits in the future!

Lucky Fish MasksLucky Fish foil print bag


That's just a sliver of what we saw - 4 booths out of close to 3000. Yup, THREE THOUSAND BOOTHS. Here's Sarah, wishing these display headphones were actually a guided tour of the convention center... no such luck!

Sarah seeks guidance



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