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   We've been working on all fronts to get Craft Habit up and running for you (and for us)! This week we've been looking at locations for a temporary Pop Up Shop, where we can stock limited but FANTASTIC crafty merchandise, and start teaching classes and workshops. Our goal is to be in a space this September October [edited, sadly,  SF], so cross your fingers for us.

     We've also been busy attending festivals and markets where we can meet all you excellent crafty people. If you haven't joined us to make your own Tassel-Pom Keychain Charm, check out our schedule of events and come craft with us! 

     When we're not manning the craft booth or searching for a pop-up spot, we're spending every spare moment making craft kits, booking additional events, connecting with vendors, acquiring crafting equipment and supplies, and keeping our website and social media up to date. And occasionally stopping to take a deep breath... 

 If I met a magic genie this week, I would wish for six extra arms and 32 hours in a day.

Current Mood: Multitasking Octopus

Multitasking Octopus 

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