Art and Craft Supplies Donation Drive!

Help us gather art and craft supplies for local students! We are excited to support local non-profit Art Intimacy in their mission to increase access to quality arts experiences that engage, propel, and inspire students.
We are accepting donations of art and craft materials in good condition throughout the months of November and December, to be passed on to Art Intimacy for use in their various programs. Please drop off at our retail store (2423 Crabtree Blvd, Raleigh NC) during regular hours.
Please see the list below for needed supplies. Thank you for donating!
IMMEDIATE NEED by December 2018:
Burlap/Ribbon for Wreaths
Hot Glue Sticks
Holiday Embellishments for Wreaths (bells, bows, etc.)
Cotton Balls
Shoe Boxes
Christmas Lights
Glow Sticks
Utility String
Paint Brushes (Large/Long Brushes for Background Scene)
Art Intimacy works year-round with Neighbor to Neighbor’s Enrichment Arts Programs and Little Makers Academy’s STEAM Integration Initiative.  These ongoing projects are always in need of additional supplies to increase opportunities for the students to create great art!
Children’s Costumes (not scary)
Poster Paper
Construction Paper
Art Papers
Paint Cups
Sewing Supplies
Wireless Speakers (Bonus Wish!)
Cricuts (Bonus Wish!)

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