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  • Summer Classes & A Survey

    We've just added a bunch of classes for May, June, and July, thanks to our lovely friends around Raleigh who have opened their doors to host us! I'm going to rename this business Craft Rabbit to reflect all the hopping around we'll be doing in the next few months.

    As much as we roll our eyes when talking about the extended timeline of our new store, getting to teach these classes around town is more than just a silver lining. There is so much to learn from each bad-ass boss lady we've collaborated with, and I am absorbing every little bit I can. Working with other stores has also extended our network far beyond what we could do ourselves - Hello new friends!

    Make Friends Embroidery

    Make sure you send your love and support (aka likes and dollars) to our pals at Edge of Urge, Galatea, Artspace, NoFo, and Pop Up Raleigh. We've got more class scheming in the works, and hopefully more events to announce soon!

    Speaking of planning classes - WE NEED YOUR INPUT! Please take this short survey to help us figure out which classes are a priority, and what days and times work best for scheduling. If you are interested in classes for children or youth, please please take some time to fill out the survey and let us know when classes will work for you. 

    Craft Habit Class Survey

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  • Introducing: Independent Pattern Designers

    Sewing and home crafting have always had a steady following, but the past few decades have seen major growth in designers turning their craft into a business, and creating companies to release their own clothing patterns to the world at large. Small business ladies (well, mostly ladies) - HELL YEAH!

    Some indie designers create patterns in a very specific theme, like Blueprints for Sewing. Each pattern in the Blueprints line is inspired by iconic architecture, like this latest release, the Geodesic Sweatshirt. We can't wait to play with colors while putting together a sample of this one for fall!

    Geodesic Sweatshirt

    Other designers focus on building a line of classic basics, like Grainline Studios. Grainline includes detailed, illustrated instruction guides to walk you through each step, helping you make a professional finished garment. 

    Grainline Sketchbook

    Another advantage that Blueprints for Sewing, Grainline Studio, and many other independent pattern companies offer is continued support online. You can find blog posts and tutorials about variations on patterns - ways to alter sleeves, turn a shirt into a dress, even hack two patterns together to make something completely new! These variations and discussions are often spearheaded by the designers themselves, and there are also active communities of sewists sharing their own twists on favorite patterns. What I like about this is that once you find a pattern that has the proportions, fit, and style you love, you're going to want to make 10 versions of it. Independent designers GET that, and they want to help you make your perfect wardrobe, too!

    As we creep ever closer to getting Craft Habit: The Actual Store up and running, we are making decisions about which indie pattern lines to carry when we open. Eventually I want to stock ALL OF THEM, but apparently we have a budget and we have to use some of that money to build shelves and walls and stuff. As you can see, we've got Blueprints for Sewing and Grainline already available in our online shop! You don't even have to wait for us to open, you can order patterns right now! We will add more pattern lines to our online shop as we get them in.

    Want a preview of the companies we're looking at? Check out our Indie Pattern Designers Pinterest board.

    psssssst: if I could stop time and just sew for a week straight without missing any deadlines, here are a few things I would make...

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  • Custom Parties - that's our jam

    This month we made a SUPER birthday wish come true. This awesome off-site birthday celebration needed an extra touch to make its superhero theme take flight. Craft Habit provided shiny capes for party-goers to customize with their own choice of felt insignia, as well as masks to keep those secret identities safe from prying eyes.

    Super HeroesCreating Capes

    The kids had a great time, and some adult heroes got in on the fun, too!







    Little G and OG

    We loved working with our creative clients make this super dream come true. Got an idea for a party? Want to host your own creative celebration, but don't know where to start? We've got you covered! Craft Habit is available to plan and produce parties at your home (or elsewhere) while our retail store is under renovation. Just send an email to or visit our event inquiry page to get this party started!

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  • Hello, Potential

    Destruction is progress! Goodbye walls, carpet, and lingering scent of cigarette smoke...

    and Hello Potential :)

         We are super excited to see the demolition get under way on our space in Gateway Plaza, and we are busy with plans for how to build it up again. Want to see some of our inspiration? Check out our latest Pinterest board, Craft Habit HQ Wishlist*. Disco-ball drop ceilings? Check ✔️. Floor to ceiling fabric bolts? Yup! Bright & cheery workstations? You betcha.

    *Be advised, like all dream-house projects, absolutely NO budget considerations have gone into the construction of this Pinterest board.

    In the meantime, here's a little more info about our new spot.
    Food Bank ECNC
    Just south of Gateway Plaza is the new home of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. This organization does amazing work, and I hope we'll be able to partner with them in the near future. They've done a beautiful job of renovating the space that formerly held the indoor flea market mall on Capital Blvd. I can't wait until our parking lot looks that shiny & new!

    Gateway Plaza Roof

    Up on our roof you can see some paint swatches the owners are considering for the shopping center makeover. I'm partial to the green - I like the way it matches the spring green of all those gorgeous trees right now. See that red sign that says Bidrite? Imagine that gone, and a nice, classy Craft Habit logo perched on the roof instead. SOON!

    Crabtree Blvd Closure
    Hey, look at how those orange cones just POP with that blue sky! So lovely. Crabtree Blvd is closed right in front of Gateway Plaza for the next few months, as they replace storm water culverts under the road. This project is scheduled to finish in June, so fingers crossed they clear the road in time for our grand opening (tbd). FYI, you can get to Gateway Plaza from Raleigh Blvd during construction, if you want to come peep in the windows and see what's going on!

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  • #CraftHabitTravels - Miami Edition

         In our quest to build the absolute best local craft store for you, we're putting a lot of time and energy into finding awesome stuff to fill up the shelves. Because we love you, we sacrificed two week days and traveled to warm, sunny, pollen-free Miami to check out DG Expo, a fabric and trim trade show.

         It was kind of heaven. We got to touch a ton of fabrics, look through books of current and upcoming designs, and met with reps from some companies we've been interested in for a while, like Dear Stella and Robert Kaufman. We also connected with a lot of companies we hadn't known about, and now we have a great selection of leads on apparel fabrics, cool zippers, buttons, and pom-pom trim, of course.

    pom pom trimspandex color card

         Lots of what we saw got us thinking about classes to schedule once our sewing studio is up and running. There were SO many bright spandex blends and prints, we definitely want to offer a class on leggings and workout tops. Same goes for swimsuits, though that will for sure be a multi-week class! We found a supplier with really fantastic faux fur, which we decided would make excellent capelets (you know, for the opera...). And even though it was 85 degrees outside, I got a little obsessed with this swatch of coral and purple wool:  

    coral purple wool

         It was a great trip, and we even managed to squeeze in a couple of poolside strategy sessions. Lots of decisions left to make, but we can already envision the beautiful bolts of fabric filling up the walls of our new store.

    Conference Room B


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